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Disclaimer: This is a paid post on behalf of Smart & Final. However, all opinions and ideas are our own, including this delicious recipe for Tropical Capirotada made with First Street® brands.

Even though this weekend calls for rain, for most of the winter we’ve been enduring tropical-like weather in Los Angeles, with temps soaring to the high 80s and low 90s. Climate change is real people! It’s...

Stephen Chavez
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Take a Break from Traditional Capirotada with These Spiced Apple-Mango Bars

First, who doesn’t love capirotada? Piloncillo melted into a thick syrup, layers of raisins, nuts, and cheese all being soaked up by bolillo bread. Seriously, what’s not to like?

But after making capirotada over the weekend, we were looking at the left over ingredients hanging around our pantry. We swear they were crying to us saying, “Please! Use me to make something delicious for your tummy. And, hey, Mr. LatinoFoodie bloggers, why not soak some of us raisins in that spiced rum sitting in the bottle with that cute pirate on the label?”

How could we resist? This is when we were inspired, searched our refrigerator and found ready made pastry dough and created what we call a Spiced Apple-Mango Bar.


Spiced Apple Mango Bar
6 to 8 servings

Art Rodriguez
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