Zac Efron’s Tan Sprayer Is Your New Dream Job; Bette Midler Takes Down – Love and Pride

Zac Efron’s Tan Sprayer Is Your New Dream Job; Bette Midler Takes Down Kim Kardashian Once And For All

Few things are more gratifying than following Bette Midler on Twitter. The Divine One’s latest target is once again America’s most annoying celeb Kim Kardashian and her latest full-frontal selfie.

The work of Robert Mapplethorpe pushed boundaries and ignited a culture war with his frank depictions of nudity, sexuality and fetishism. Learn about the life and career of the late iconic photographer in the documentary Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures, which will premiere on HBO April 4.

Melissa McCarthy has long been totally boss as a take-no-prisoners comic actress, but the lady really gets a chance to strut her stuff in The Boss as a tough business mogul forced to rebrand herself as America’s sweetheart. Check out the trailer for the comedy, which opens April 8, below.

Here comes Dolly Parton again. If you’ve never seen the country superstar in concert, you’ll get another chance when she takes her girls on the road this summer for a 60 cities tour through Canada and the U.S.


Our new dream job? Making sure Zac Efron is evenly spray-tanned for his challenging role as a lifeguard in the upcoming Baywatch movie.



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