While Anti-LGBT Bills Progress Across Nation, Oklahoma’s “Slate of Hat – Love and Pride

While Anti-LGBT Bills Progress Across Nation, Oklahoma’s “Slate of Hate” is Defeated

Yesterday, the LGBT community celebrated after the last of the anti-LGBT bills in the Oklahoma legislature this session were defeated.  In this year’s legislative session, an unprecedented 27 anti-LGBT bills were before the Oklahoma legislature, which were ultimately coined the “slate of hate.”

HRC was on the ground working with Freedom Oklahoma and several local and national partners, including the ACLU of Oklahoma, Oklahomans for Equality, The Family Equality Council and The Equality Federation to defeat the last two remaining bills. , The two bills died a procedural death on a crossover late last night.

“We have seen a truly unprecedented level of community advocacy this legislative session, and fair-minded legislators - both Republicans and Democrats - have listened,” said Troy Stevenson, Executive Director at Freedom Oklahoma, after the gavel fell last night.

For the second year in a row a small handful of anti-LGBT lawmakers proposed a record number of bills aimed at hurting the LGBT community in Oklahoma. Luckily  for the second year in a row, all of those bills have been defeated.

“There will be no anti-LGBTQ laws passed in Oklahoma this year.” said Stevenson, “It is our greatest hope that going forward we will be fighting for positive change, rather than fighting back against discrimination. But no matter what, we will keep fighting until every Oklahoman is equal under the law, and in every walk of life.”

This “slate of hate” was part of nearly 200 anti-LGBT bills that were introduced across 32 states this year. Over 100 bills are still active, representing an onslaught of anti-LGBT bills being pushed this year by anti-equality activists around the country.

Ryan Rowe, HRC Associate Regional Field Director, was on the ground for the past few weeks helping to coordinate HRC’s resources, field support and coordination with national and local partners. If you’d like to learn more about the remaining work around the country to defeat the anti-LGBT bills that are left, or want to get involved locally with the positive, proactive work that remains in Oklahoma, contact ryan.rowe@hrc.org

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