Celebrating Achievements and Recognizing Opportunities During Women’s History Month

Throughout the past month, HRC has honored women who are advocating for LGBTQ equality. These women, whether as advocates, members or allies of the LGBTQ community, have made a difference for our community across the globe.

As we close out this month, let's continue to celebrate lesbian, bisexual and transgender women such as Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Janet Mock, Gov. Kate Brown, Laverne Cox, Ellen DeGeneres, Robbie Kaplan, Billie Jean King, Geena Rocero, Alice Walker, Lana and Lilly Wachowski, Edith Windsor, Audre Lorde, Jeanne Cordova, Gladys Bentley, Lili Elbe, Martha P. Johnson, Alison Bechdel and Sally Ride.

Let's also honor our allies, like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Maya Angelou, Sec. Hillary Clinton, former State Rep. Wendy Davis, Dolores Huerta, Cecile Richards and Judy Shepard.

While these advocates have changed hearts and minds when it comes to LGBTQ equality, there is more work to do to support women and girls, including lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Whether it’s ending anti-transgender violence, supporting LGBTQ youth or advocating for non-discrimination legislation, we can all do our part to be a part of the fight for equal rights.

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, HRC recommits and proudly stands with women worldwide.

Hayley Miller

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