‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 8 Queens Reveal Who They Want To See Cast On Season 9

Tim Winfred

rupaul's drag race season 9 cast

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo’s drag queen reality competition series, has officially been renewed for it’s ninth consecutive season and drag fans from around the world are already scrambling to put together their audition tapes. Of the thousands of queens that vie for a spot on the show each year, only a select handful are chosen, many of whom go on to become international celebrities.

Who will make the cut for season nine? Only time will tell! However, Queerty was able to get the queens of the current season to share their thoughts on who they’d like to see. Here is the response all 12 queens gave to the question, “If you could only choose one queen, who would you want to see on RuPaul‘s Drag Race season 9 and why?”

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Acid Betty

“I would cast Lady Bunny because that bitch is crazy and she would give RuPaul and everyone a run for their money non-stop.”


acid betty lady bunny

Photograhers: Garrett Matthew / Driu & Tiago


Bob The Drag Queen

Monét X Change because she’s brilliant. End of story.”


bob the drag queen monet x change

Photographers: Garrett Matthew / Maddelynn Hatter


Chi Chi DeVayne

“The one queen that I would love to see on season nine is Sarina Styles. She’s our show director at the home bar in Shreveport and she’s a really great talent. She has really good stuff and I’m really excited to hopefully see her on season nine.”


chi chi devayne sarina styles

Photographer: Garrett Matthew


Cynthia Lee Fontaine

“Damn, that’s like a question for a pageant! Where is the Steve Harvey here? To be honest with you, in my case I would give the pass to another Puerto Rican queen. If I could just choose one it would be Erika Mykels from Austin, Texas. She dances and she’s bilingual, of course, in oral sex, tongues and any other dark places. She’s a designer. And she has a personality and character. She’s very fierce. She would be an amazing addition to season nine.”


cynthia lee fontaine erika mykels

Photographer: Garrett Matthew


Dax ExclamationPoint

“My daughter, and that is the very own Brigitte Bidet, host of Brigitte Bidet’s Tossed Salad at Burkhart’s ever Sunday afternoon or whatever. Yeah, because she’s my daughter and I love her. She’s my favorite.”


dax exclamationpoint brigitte bidet

Photographers: Garrett Matthew / Jon Dean & Blake England


Derrick Barry

Nebraska Thunderfuck, obviously! Because the more money we bring in together, the bigger house we can buy. Yes, so let’s get those gigs! And he would be the tallest one in history. He’s actually as tall as RuPaul, maybe taller. We’ll have to put them side-by-side.”


derrick barry nebraska thunderfuck

Photographer: Garrett Matthew


Kim Chi

“I’d love to see my friend Trannika Rex on season nine. She has a great sense of humor. What she’s bad at, she’s really bad at, and what’s she good at, she’s really good at. I think it would be really interesting to see that on reality television.”


kim chi trannika rex

Photographer: Garrett Matthew


Laila McQueen

“I think that I would cast my friend Fena Barbitall from Boston because I think she deserves it and she’s very talented. She’s a piece of shit that world should see.”


laila mcqueen fena barbitall

Photographers: Garrett Matthew / Corey Banda


Naomi Smalls

“I would cast Mayhem Miller from Riverside, California because she’s an amazing performer. She’s gorgeous and she’s f*cking hilarious. I love Mayhem Miller.”


naomi smalls mayhem miller

Photographers: Garrett Matthew / Jose A Guzman Colon


Naysha Lopez

“Oh my god, I don’t know! Let me think… I know who! I just recently met her and I really like her, in and out of drag, she’s a hot boy, too. I love Rhea Litré… [laughs after messing up the pronunciation of her name] Get a new name! No! [laughs] So I f*cked up your name, boo. I like her a lot, actually, I really like her. I saw her perform a couple of times when she came to Chicago and I’m looking forward to seeing her in LA. If there was one queen that I’d want to cast and see on the show, it would be Rhea [pauses to think about the correct pronunciation] Litré.”

FYI: Rhea’s name is pronounced as “Ray-uh Luh-tray”


naysha lopez rhea litre

Photographers: Garrett Matthew / Maddelynn Hatter


Robbie Turner

“Gosh! There’s so many queens that I’ve gotten to know from other places, but if I could just limit it to Seattle queens I would want La Saveona Hunt. She and I have become very close and we’re in the same show in Seattle. She does a completely different style of drag than what the Seattle queens have brought to RuPaul‘s Drag Race. She’s very much like a Latrice and Kennedy; lots of energy and phenomenial dancer. She’s starting to make her own clothes and she’s really talented. I’d really like to see her get cast.”


robbie turner la saveona hunt

Photographers: Garrett Matthew / Ji Ji Lee


Thorgy Thor

“I would cast Lady Bunny on season nine. Do you have two hours for me to tell you why? Bunny has been doing the game for a long time and she also doesn’t take shit from anybody! She always make everything more fun. Every challenge they would throw at her, she would just be walking around making the funniest comments. Cast me again on season nine and I’ll just walk around laughing at every one of her jokes. That would be fun to watch! [After we tell her that Acid also chose Lady Bunny] See, me and Acid are from Brooklyn and we know Bunny!”


thorgy thor lady bunny

Photograhers: Garrett Matthew / Driu & Tiago


Queerty’s Choice

Queerty is headquartered in one of the gayest cities in the world, San Francisco, so if we had to choose just one queen to cast on season nine, it would be the one and only Mahlae Balenciaga. Whether she is performing in a custom ‘fit by Dallas Coulter Designs or throwing shade on the microphone, Mahlae knows how to command an audience. If the producers of RuPaul‘s Drag Race want a beauty and a talent, there is no better choice for season nine then San Francisco’s own Mahlae Balencia!


queerty mahlae balenciaga drag queen

Photographer: Jose A Guzman Colon

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Think you have what it takes to compete on RuPaul‘s Drag Race? Watch the promo video below to find out how to submit your audition tape.


Who do you want to see? Sound off in the comments below!

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