Five Things to Know About North Carolina Governor McCrory’s Shameful Executive Order

Hayley Miller

Yesterday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory issued an executive order, failing to repeal HB 2 and further enshrining discrimination into law.

Under HB 2, which was signed into law last month after a hurried, single-day session, thousands of youth, citizens, employees and visitors to the state at risk.

Here are five things you need to know about the governor’s executive order:

  1. Transgender people are still prohibited from using restrooms consistent with their gender identity in public buildings, including on the University of North Carolina campus and in the Raleigh-Durham Airport.
  2. Cities still are prohibited from adopting ordinances designed to prohibit discrimination against their residents and visitors.
  3. While the governor’s executive order extended protections to state workers, employees still won't be allowed to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity.
  4. Individuals are still prevented from bringing discrimination lawsuits in state courts.
  5. His executive order doesn’t affect private businesses, non-profits and local governments, who have always been able to establish their own non-discrimination policies for their employees.

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