Every Vote Matters

Andrea Levario

For LGBTQ Americans, engaging in the political process matters. Who our next president is will make all the difference between on issues like marriage equality, non-discrimination protections, hate crimes prevention and enforcement, anti-bullying efforts, adoption and even access to the right restroom. It’s clear that the 2016 election cycle is the most important ever for the LGBTQ community. 

While anti-LGBTQ presidential candidates are spewing their hateful rhetoric and promoting their harmful policies, state legislatures across the country are demonstrating what their administrations would look like. Nearly 200 bills intent on infringing or impeding the rights of LGBTQ people have been introduced in 34 states. What has been happening in states like North Carolina, Alabama, Kansas and Mississippi provides insight on what could happen if any of the GOP candidates were to reach the White House.

It also reinforces in the strongest terms that every vote matters.

For us here at HRC, the vote of one of our colleagues will matter a bit more than all the others. After a sixteen-year journey to citizenship, he will have the privilege to walk into a voting booth and for the first time cast a ballot for a candidate who understands the meaning of equality for all. Then he will walk out with an “I Voted” sticker like every other American voter.


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