HRC Arkansas Discusses the Social Determinants of Health

Kendra Johnson

In April, HRC participated in a public health leaders roundtable discussion, a closed session held during the Arkansas Minority Health Commission’s Fourth Biennial Conference. This year’s conference focused on the “Social Determinants of Health: Impacting All Arkansans,” with speakers covering topics such as how poverty, stigma, racism and the environment affect the health of minorities. Some 150 people were in attendance.

Dr. Camara Jones, a Senior Fellow at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute (Morehouse School of Medicine), facilitated the roundtable, which focused on establishing measurable action steps to further a single collective vision that each participant can incorporate and commit resources towards beyond the summit. This year’s event marked the first time that HRC has been invited to discuss LGBTQ health issues with other public health leaders.

“Our vision is to see the issues affecting LGBTQ people and other minorities be included in every training given to healthcare professionals across the state,” Kendra R. Johnson, HRC Arkansas State Director, said during the roundtable.

The Arkansas Minority Health Commission’s (AMHC) mission is to ensure that all minority Arkansans have access to healthcare that is equal to the healthcare provided to other citizens. This mission aligns with the priorities of Equal Care for Equal Lives, an annual LGBTQ inclusive healthcare conference hosted by HRC in partnership with local hospitals and community based organizations in Arkansas. This year’s event will be held in October.

In addition to hosting the Equal Care for Equal Lives summit, HRC’s Healthcare Equality Index evaluates healthcare facilities’ policies and practices related to the equity and inclusion of their LGBTQ patients, visitors and employees.

Learn more about HRC Arkansas here. To learn more about the HEI, click here.

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