Two Transgender Parents in North Carolina Who Are Leading the Fight for Equality

Hayley Miller

Tina White and Maddy Goss have made headlines in North Carolina over the past several weeks. They are both openly transgender parents who are working hard to repeal HB2, the state’s outrageous and unprecedented anti-LGBT law. The new legislation, which was rammed through the state legislature in March, eliminates existing municipal non-discrimination protections for LGBT people; prevents such provisions from being passed by cities in the future; and forces transgender students in public schools to use restrooms and other facilities inconsistent with their gender identity, putting 4.5 billion dollars in federal funding under Title IX at risk.

White recently moved to the Tar Heel State and is stepping away from work to engage in social activism. As she explained it, she wants to pay it forward to the LGBT community that so welcomed her and her family. She feels that it is her calling to live openly and to speak up about transgender rights.

Goss, an openly transgender woman from Raleigh and former HRC Board of Governors member, has testified about the harmful impact HB 2 would have on her life and the transgender community.

Their work and advocacy is extremely important not just in North Carolina, but around the country. HRC reported this year that more than one-third of Americans now say they personally know or work with someone who is transgender and that this historic level of visibility is accompanied by increasing acceptance of transgender people.

This Mother’s Day, HRC thanks White and Goss and other transgender parents who are working to increase transgender visibility, understanding and acceptance.

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