24-Hour Challenge: HRC Needs You!

HRC staff

If you’re tired of out-of-touch, hate-driven politicians infringing on our basic civil rights, stand with HRC to help us fight to repeal North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bill HB2 once and for all.

We’re counting on you to ramp up our ground game. We must raise additional resources quickly – before Saturday – to put more activists in the field … knock more doors … hold more lobby days … conduct more phone banks … all while keeping up our efforts to defeat hate in other states.

Your help will determine how big we can go. Donate to our Emergency 24-Hour Giving Challenge now.

We cannot sit idly by as politicians in North Carolina codify anti-transgender discrimination into law.

Every dollar we raise helps us do the crucial work needed to defeat North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2...and we won’t let naysayers like Governor Pat McCrory distract us from what needs to be done.

Are you ready to step up to the challenge? We are.

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