Charlotte Shouldn’t Risk So-Called ‘Compromise’ Deal That Kills Local Non-Discrim Ordinance

Brandon Lorenz

Today, the Charlotte Observer editorialized about a so-called compromise move in the works over HB2 that would involve the City Council repealing Charlotte’s Non-discrimination ordinance.

The newspaper wrote:

"It involves Charlotte City Council members making a symbolic gesture that risks alienating the LGBT community the council is trying to protect from discrimination. It also involves council members trusting Republicans in Raleigh who have done very little to earn that trust. What could go wrong?"

The blame for the current stalemate falls squarely on the shoulders of Gov. McCrory, Senator Berger and Speaker Moore, who rammed through HB2 with less than one day’s debate. The democratically-elected members of the City Council who originally passed Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance were only doing their jobs.

The critical nondiscrimination protections that Charlotte passed already exist in 18 states and more than 100 other cities across the country. In fact, until the City Council took action, Charlotte was one of only a handful of major cities without these protections.

The world is watching and we cannot ‘compromise’ on equality when so much is at stake. Since HB2 was passed, we’ve heard from countless transgender people in North Carolina like Madeline Goss, who now carry with them daily the fear of discrimination and harassment as they try to go about their lives.

The solution here is to repeal HB2, not Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance. 

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