PHOTOS: The Beauty And Uniqueness Of Every Day Men Captured In Powerful Nude Series


“My aim is not to look for beautiful men to shoot, but to shoot the beauty and even more important the uniqueness in the men I work with,” photographer Robert Siegelman tells Queerty. “The men need not be beautiful in any conventional way, but I would like the pictures to have a beauty and, even more important, to have meaning.”

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Siegelman, who lives and works in Boston, has shown his work in museums and galleries around the world, including at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York, The Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago and “untitled mail id” at the Angus-Hughes Gallery in London.

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“My work can certainly be provocative, and I like that,” he explains. “It is also quite intimate, and sometimes explicitly sexual. I want to be able to touch people on various levels, and hope that my work may play a part in how we look at sex and sexuality.”

Scroll down for a taste of Siegelman’s portraits, and see more of his work on his Tumblr page











Graham Gremore

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