TurnOUT! NC Teams Up with NoH8 Campaign To Repeal HB2

Hope Jackson

This past Sunday, TurnOUT! North Carolina (NC) teamed up with the NoH8 campaign in Charlotte to talk with voters about the dangers of the discriminatory HB2 and the need for full repeal.

NoH8, which promotes marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest, joined TurnOUT! NC for a photoshoot to spread awareness and engage Charlotteans in the efforts to repeal HB2. Founder, Adam Bouska and Co-Founder, Jeff Parshley, spoke about the importance of bringing the NoH8 to the Tar Heel State.

Since the North Carolina legislature passed the dangerous HB2 in March, nearly a dozen HRC staff as part of the TurnOUT! NC project have been on the ground mobilizing pro-equality supporters and talking with voters about  the dangerous implications of this harmful legislation.

HB2 threatens LGBT North Carolinians and puts the state at risk of losing millions of dollars in education funding. Further, the law has had a severe economic impact on the state – resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs, cancellation of conventions, concerts and more. Sunday’s photoshoot was a way for Charlotteans to publicly and proudly say “NoH8 in My State, it's time to Repeal HB2.”

TurnOUT! NC is working to mobilize thousands of pro-equality North Carolinians to speak out for full repeal of HB2. TurnOUT! NC has field organizers based in Asheville, Charlotte and the Triangle area. Additionally, HRC staff is on the ground working with coalition partners across the Tar Heel State. There are daily opportunities to volunteer with weekly phonebanks and weekend canvassing opportunities.

If you live in North Carolina and want to join the efforts to repeal HB2, RSVP for upcoming phone banks and volunteer opportunities. For more information about our work in North Carolina, contact HRC Associate Regional Field Director Ryan Rowe at Ryan.rowe@hrc.org.

TurnOut! North Carolina; HB2; NoH8 CampaignHRC Field Organizer, Hope Jackson and NoH8 Participants Dayle and Elizabeth

TurnOut! North Carolina; NoH8 Campaign; HB2
NoH8 Participants, Dayle and Elizabeth want full repeal of HB 2!

NoH8 Campaign; HB2; TurnOut! North Carolina
HRC Regional Field Organizer, Hope Jackson and her partner, Adrienne, photobombed by NoH8 Co-Founder, Jeff Parshley. 

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