#Bestof2015: Communities Unite to Support Transgender Youth – Love and Pride
#Bestof2015: Communities Unite to Support Transgender Youth

#Bestof2015: Communities Unite to Support Transgender Youth

This year, we have seen more and more Americans rally around transgender youth.

Jazz Jennings’ show I am Jazz brought transgender youth into living rooms across America, showing the power of living authentically and openly and the positive impact of an inclusive family.

Congressman Mike Honda opened up about his support for his transgender granddaughter in an NBC Nightly News interview, which also featured other transgender youth and their supportive parents. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen spoke out about her transgender son, Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, several times this year, including in an interview with Telemundo.

Last month, HRC released a new video featuring several mothers of transgender youth across the nation. While these moms expressed their unwavering support for their children, they also spoke about making the world safer and better place for all transgender and gender-expansive youth.

We heard heartwarming stories out of Wisconsin and saw schools work to embrace transgender and gender-expansive youth.  Several states and cities ban the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy.

As more and more transgender people share their stories, the public’s understanding of gender identity and expression builds.  Stories like Representatives Honda's and Ros-Lehtinen's, as well as these moms’, are vital to the public’s understanding of the experience of trans youth and their families.

For more information on supporting transgender students in the classroom, visit www.welcomingschools.org

Counting down to 2016, HRC is celebrating our greatest milestones and victories in 2015. It has been another incredible year for LGBT equality and we could not have done it without you -- our members, readers and supporters--and we look forward to continuing our work in 2016. Stay tuned for more highlights from 2015.

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