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2016 Legislative Preview: 33 Legislatures in Session, 3 More Convene This Week

With the 2016 legislative session well underway in a majority of states, three more state legislatures go into session this week: Alaska, New Mexico and Hawaii.

HRC will be tracking legislation in the 46 states plus Washington, D.C. that will convene this year, particularly monitoring any anti-LGBT bills at the state and local level. More than 115 anti-LGBT bills were introduced in 2015, many of which have been held over to 2016.

Here’s a snapshot of what legislation to expect from the state legislatures that come into session this week:


In Anchorage, residents could be asked to vote in 2016 on an LGBT inclusive non-discrimination ordinance that passed the Anchorage Assembly in 2015. Additionally, a marriage refusal act has been pre-filed in the Alaska State Legislature.


In 2015, Hawaii simplified processes for changing gender markers on essential identity documents. Anti-bullying legislation also passed both chambers of the legislature in 2015, but was never finalized and passed by both chambers.

New Mexico

While New Mexico lawmakers will consider a comprehensive anti-bullying bill for the third session in a row, a religious refusal bill has already been pre-filed.

To learn more about what lays ahead for equality in your backyard, visit HRC’s newest resource, “Preview 2016: Pro-Equality and Anti-LGBT State and Local Legislation.”    

Hayley Miller

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