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HRC Closely Tracking Anti-LGBT Legislation in Mississippi

With 37 state legislatures in session around the country, HRC is hard at work, tracking150 anti-LGBT bills in 30 states.  Unfortunately, Mississippi is one of ​the states HRC has an eye on.

Last week, Senate Bill 2093 was introduced. Known to many as the “pastor protection” bill, the bill affirms what is already the case: Clergy are not obligated under the law to perform ​a marriage ceremony ​for ​any couple whose marriage would violate the clergyperson's religious beliefs or policies. This bill singles out same-sex couples. It is now in the hands of a committee who will decide if this legislation will move to the senate floor for a vote. 

While we hope that this dangerous legislation will not proceed, HRC expects to see more anti-LGBT legislation introduced in the state legislature in the coming weeks.

HRC Mississippi is committed to joining others in our state in being voices for fairness and inclusion in this state we call home. Will you join us?  Contact if you can volunteer to help in Mississippi.

Rob Hill

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