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Hillary Clinton Wins Iowa Democratic Caucus

Last night, Hillary Clinton won the Iowa Democratic caucus for president. The Human Rights Campaign stands with Clinton because of her robust plan for advancing LGBT equality, her strong record on LGBT issues, and her ability to defeat any anti-equality candidate in November and become our nation’s next president.

HRC made its endorsement official in Iowa at an event with Clinton in West Des Moines on January 24. Hundreds of HRC members and supporters joined Chad Griffin for a rally with Clinton. “We have to end the travesty that under our Constitution, you can get married on Saturday and because of it, fired on Monday,” Clinton told the crowd.

With 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide HRC is planning an unprecedented organizational effort to register and mobilize the nation’s pro-equality majority and elect pro-LGBT candidates up and down the ballot. In 2016, HRC expects that the pro-equality vote will be larger, stronger, and more energized than at any point in history. As part of that effort, HRC opened an office and sent staff to Iowa to organize members and supporters ahead of the caucus. HRC is also organizing in New Hampshire and South Carolina ahead of the upcoming elections.

As a candidate, Hillary Clinton has made LGBT equality a pillar of her campaign and recently unveiled a robust, ambitious and detailed plan for LGBT equality. She has vowed to fight for the Equality Act -- a bill that would finally offer explicit, clear, and permanent non-discrimination protections for LGBT people at the federal level -- and her LGBT policy platform specifically calls for dropping the ban on open transgender military service, banning dangerous “conversion therapy” for minors, ending the epidemic of tran. gender violence, and supporting HIV prevention and affordable treatment, among other proposals that would advance equality and support the LGBT community.

As Secretary of State, Clinton went farther than any of her predecessors to advance LGBT equality world wide. She gave a historic and forceful speech to the United Nations making clear than LGBT rights are human rights. She helped lead the United Nations to pass the first ever UN resolution on the human rights of LGBT people, and created the Global Equality Fund to advance the human rights of LGBT people around the globe.

And in the Senate, she helped lead on bills to protect LGBT workers from employment discrimination, and had a strong record on key votes and legislation that mattered to LGBT Americans.

Learn more about HRC’s support for Hillary Clinton.

Maureen McCarty

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