The Underwear Expert Curated Underwear Club V. Others

3For true underwear fans, or the average guy who just wants nice underwear and doesn’t want to think about it, there is no comparison to our Curated Underwear of the Month Club. There are several other men’s underwear clubs out there – some are brand specific and some aren’t. Some even throw grooming products and condoms into the mix. But ours is the only one that empowers each man to make his own style choices. We aren’t here to dress you. We’re here to help you dress yourself. Why is our club the best you ask? First of all, our CEO has 15 years experience in the underwear industry, including being the President of a very large online retailer for 10 years. If anyone knows underwear, he does. Second, using our combined experience, an array of experts and technologists, and our hardworking development team, we spent a year building a custom technology platform to run our Underwear of the Month Club.

Similar underwear of the month clubs let you choose between briefs, trunks, and jockstraps. But we don’t stop there. We want to know about your color preferences. We want to know if your style is flashy, or closer to classic. We have proprietary technology to analyze the items you selected in the signup process and makes sure that when we ship your order, it is customized based on your preferences. We don’t just ship the same thing to everyone, like most other clubs out there. Being a part of the most respected men’s underwear resource in the world’s underwear club also means that the products we purchase are authentic. We only buy direct from the brands themselves and we don’t try to make a dollar by shipping you something counterfeit. We even sell some brands that other clubs will never be allowed to carry. Similar clubs also stop at just one pair per month. We allow you to choose – one, two, or three pairs, and the more you choose, the lower the price per pair. To customize it further, we also allow you to choose deliveries monthly, or every 2 or 3 months. To find out more about our club, visit our Underwear of the Month Club – How it Works page.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert.

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