2016 Legislative Preview: 41 Legislatures in Session, Wyoming Convenes – Love and Pride

2016 Legislative Preview: 41 Legislatures in Session, Wyoming Convenes this Week

As we mark the sixth week of the 2016 legislative session, 41 state legislatures are currently in session. The only state legislature starting this week is Wyoming.

In 2015, Wyoming’s first-ever comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance was passed in Laramie. Currently, the state of Wyoming does not prohibit discrimination in housing, employment or public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

More than 115 anti-LGBT bills were introduced in 2015, many of which have been held over to 2016. In addition to Wyoming, at least 26 states have a high likelihood of anti-LGBT legislation in 2016.

The types of legislation vary from targeting the rights of transgender people, to eliminating local non-discrimination protections, to explicitly authorizing anti-LGBT discrimination by individuals, businesses and even taxpayer-funded agencies.

To learn more about what lies ahead for equality in your backyard, visit HRC’s newest resource, “Preview 2016: Pro-Equality and Anti-LGBT State and Local Legislation.”

Hayley Miller

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