Celebrate 85 Years Of James Dean With Some Rarely-Seen Photos


It’s been more than sixty years since James Dean split for his home planet at age 24, leaving behind a relatively small body of work, which consisted of starring roles in three major films (East of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause and Giant), a couple of Broadway shows, a few television commercials and a little over a dozen rarely-seen TV appearances. Today, February 8, marks what would have been the 85th birthday for the man who changed what it meant to be an American teen. Still, the legend lives on with countless magazine articles, books and movies that try to decipher the qualities that made the bi heartthrob’s appeal so timeless. Most curiously, for a man who get to spend a quarter century on earth, there were thousands and thousands of photos taken. How did he manage to get anything done with all the photo shoots?
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Since you already know all the more iconic images, here are a few of the lesser-seen but equally evocative photos of Dean courtesy of the Instagram account managed by the late actor’s estate.

 Dean went shirtless to beat the intense Texas heat while making the 1956 oil-drilling epic Giant.


A photo posted by James Dean (@jamesdean) on

Dean’s love of all things artistic was well known. Here he tries his hand at sculpting.

Artist extraordinaire!

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He loved pussycats.

Come here, kitty kitty… ?

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He didn’t hesitate to get a little piggy from time to time.


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He need a good strong cup of Joe in the a.m. just like the rest of us.

Coffee, anyone? ??

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He was sometimes prone to sulking.

Definition of cool ? #jamesdean #cool #rebel #legend #icon #handsome #stud #hunk #classic

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He championed an invigorating game of table tennis on occasion.

#jamesdean #legend #icon #hunk #stud #handsome #rebel #tabletennis #pingpong

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Is that a camera between his legs or is he just excited to see you?

Lemme get your photo. ? #jamesdean #camera #photography #hunk #stud #studmuffin #icon #legend #cool #rebel

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That time he went for a ride with Marlon Brando.

He just wanted a little off the sides.

Suave. ? #jamesdean #icon #legend #classic #rebel #stud #handsome #hunk

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Jeremy Kinser

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