HRC to Launch 40 Days of Conversation for Lent – Love and Pride

HRC to Launch 40 Days of Conversation for Lent

This Lent, HRC invites LGBTQ Christians to join for 40 Days of Conversation as we honor the season of Lent.

40 Days of Conversation is a faith-filled resource that compiles meditations written by 47 faith leaders from across the Project One America States of Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

Rev. Denise Donnell, Senior Faith Organizer for HRC Arkansas, describes Lent as a period of self-examination, where “one acknowledges their failure to act in Love for self and neighbor, to embrace forgiveness, and to call us forth in service to one another in the spirit of justice, equality and love.”

“May your Lenten journey be filled with tears of sorrow that are transformed into unspeakable joy as You hear the voice of God whisper in your ear daily how much you are cherished, adored, beloved,” said Rev. Donnell.

We hope the meditations offered everyday from Ash Wednesday on February 10 to Easter on March 27, will bless souls, revive spirits, renew minds and strengthen bodies.

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It is important to note that the season of Lent is an observance of many Christian denominations and may not resonate with all readers. This project is the first in a multi-faith, multi-spiritual series where we as HRC’s Religion and Faith team will seek to amplify and honor the voices of LGBTQ-affirming faith leaders in many religious traditions. 

This and other public education work with faith leaders in HRC Alabama, HRC Arkansas and HRC Mississippi is made possible in part by the generous support of the  E. Rhodes and Leona B Carpenter Foundation.  

Michael Toumayan

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