HRC Mississippi Meets with Local Gay Straight Alliance to Empower LGBTQ and Allied Youth

Earlier this month, HRC Mississippi Faith Organizer Daniel Ball and I had the privilege of speaking with Clinton High School's Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) organization.

Clinton High, which is located in Clinton, Mississippi, is the alma mater of HRC supporter Lance Bass.

An overwhelming 100 students showed up for the meeting, all of whom were extremely engaged and interested in the issues.  They asked questions about anti-LGBT bills and our work in Mississippi. 

Additionally, several students asked very practical questions about coming out and family support and acceptance.

Needless to say, we were overwhelmed and touched by the experience.  We left the school that day excited about the future of our state with young people like these leading the way.

As young people push to attain the goals of the LGBTQ community in schools and on their campuses, HRC is working to provide tools, facilitate connections with other LGBT student activists across the country and empower youth to fight for LGBT equality on campus and beyond.

HRC Mississippi is proud to be a part of this work. To learn more about our work in the Magnolia state, click here.

To get the tools you need to fight for LGBT equality on campus and beyond, click here.

Rob Hill

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