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HRC Marks the Legislative Halfway Point in Mississippi

As we approach the halfway point Mississippi’s 2016 legislative session, LGBT Mississippians can breathe a bit easier knowing that 10 of the 12 anti-LGBT bills introduced earlier this year have died in committee.

Below are the bills that are no longer active:

  • House Bill 586: Judges are not required to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies
  • Senate Bill 2093: Anti-Marriage Equality Bill
  • House Bill 1258: Transgender Criminalization Bill
  • Senate Bill 2822: Religious Freedom Bill   
  • House Bills 954, 1232, 1233, 1243, and Senate Bills 2818, 2434: Sex Education Bills with Anti-LGBT Language

HRC and our partners in Mississippi have worked together to track all anti-LGBT legislation and have monitored these bills closely. Thus far, we have persuaded lawmakers to kill these bills before they went to the floor of either chamber for a vote.

However, there is still much work to do, and one of the worst bills, HB 1523, is still active.

On Friday, February 19, the House of Representatives passed HB 1523 in a 80-39 vote.  Dubbed the “Religious Liberty Accommodations Act,” this horrific legislation would allow individuals, religious organizations and private associations to use religion to discriminate against LGBT Mississippians. The bill now moves to the Senate. 

HB 494, a Sex Education bill that includes anti-LGBT language, survived committee and now heads to the floor of the House.

HRC staff will continue to be in the statehouse daily, talking to legislators and working with allies across the state to kill these final bills.

These bills are part of nearly 200 anti-LGBT bills across 32 states that have been introduced this year.

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