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Long Beach Police Accused Of Illegally Targeting Gay Man In Bathroom Sex Sting

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The Long Beach Police Department has messed with the wrong gay.

Rory Moroney is currently fighting charges of lewd conduct and indecent exposure after an undercover officer says he caught the 50-year-old Long Beach resident masturbating inside a public restroom.

The alleged incident happened in October 2014 inside a men’s restroom at Recreation Park. The decoy, a male officer from the Long Beach Police Department’s vice unit, purportedly lured Moroney into the restroom then coaxed him into masturbating only to arrest him as soon as he did.

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Moroney has pleaded not guilty. Now, he’s bringing out the big guns to fight the charges, enlisting the counsel of attorney Bruce Nickerson, also known as the Gloria Allred of lewd conduct cases and police sting operations targeting gay men.

Nickerson has successfully argued countless cases against corrupt police departments that have used undercover decoys to lure gay men into lewd conduct sting operations, including one case that went all the way to the California Supreme Court back in 1996.

During a hearing this week, Nickerson called Moroney’s arrest “invalid,” citing the 1979 California case Pryor vs. Municipal Court that determined that lewd conduct can only be considered a crime if the accused was in a public place and was aware that his or her conduct would offend another person who was also present.

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“If you do an act in a public place and the only person around is the person enjoying it with you, no crime has been committed,” Nickerson argued. “If the person is sending you signals that he likes you, you can’t commit a crime. Police and prosecutors don’t like that, but that’s the law since 1979. That’s why you can’t do those decoy sting operations.”

If Moroney’s case moves forward and he is found guilty, he will have to register for life as a sex offender, a punishment Nickerson calls absolutely “outrageous.”

“To hit a person with a lifetime registration for something as innocuous as someone showing his equipment when no one is around to another man who got signals from the decoy that he was interested is horrendously vicious,” he argued.

Doug Haubert, the city prosecutor, said yesterday that he cannot comment on a pending case.

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h/t: Press Telegram

Graham Gremore


Graham Gremore

In a city that has a gay mayor and promotes itself as a gay friendly city it has now been exposed that some of the Long Beach police and prosecutors are anti-gay Christians, etc., who are hostile towards gay people and work to destroy people they do not like.

The proof is, recently a Long Beach Superior Court Judge said in his court findings that the LBPD discriminates by intentionally targeting men who look for other men for companionship. That means the police make plans to target people. In that case the police pretend to be gay so they could stalk their targeted person
and arrest him. The police then turn the case over to the city prosecutor’s office and they portray these people as “sexual deviants and pedophiles” to get a conviction, and that forces a man who only wanted the companionship of another man to register as a sex offender which makes them look like pedophiles which can destroy the persons reputation and cost them their jobs, families and friends. I find it interesting that the police work hard to make pedophiles out of gay men and do little to catch, arrest and convict actual pedophiles, like Catholic priest who rape children.

Here is your proof that people working in and with law enforcement make up their own laws and rules to stalk, harass,trap and keep others down and suppressed. That kind of behavior by law enforcement and the people who work with them not only destroy the peoples belief in the legal system but also destroys
the peoples belief that they will get true and fair justice.

I have respect for law enforcement people who do their jobs and helps all of the people who need help, but now is the time to remove the few who think they hold the power to unjustly stalk, harass, trap and oppress anybody they do not like. Now is the time for true justice and equality.

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