#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: August 18, 2016 – Love and Pride

#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: August 18, 2016

DONALD TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN SHAKEUP GETS TWO THUMBS DOWN FOR HISTORY OF ANTI-LGBTQ RHETORIC: If Donald Trump was looking to hit the reset button with the announcement that he had shaken up the leadership of his campaign, he failed miserably yesterday. Instead, the decision to hire a Breitbart staffer to run his campaign represents a doubling down on hate and bigotry. Politico reported on Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook’s scathing response, noting that Breitbart has “repeatedly used anti-LGBT slurs in their coverage.” HRC President Chad Griffin’s take here: "Donald Trump's staff shakeup is a disturbing preview of what a Trump-Pence administration would look like. Trump has stocked his inner circle with anti-equality activists who share his commitment to rolling back the rights and protections of LGBTQ Americans. His hiring decisions, including the selection of Mike Pence as his running mate, have left no doubt that Trump is the biggest threat the LGBTQ community has ever faced in a presidential election.” More here.

  • New Trump CEO Steve Bannon smeared transgender people and gave a platform to Austin Ruse, who peddled shameful conspiracy theories that Matthew Shepard's murder was not a hate crime.

  • New Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway is a longtime pollster for the National Organization for Marriage. She objected to the inclusion of openly LGBTQ people in the media, saying of one television show that featured a lesbian couple that people, “...don’t want their kids looking at a cartoon with a bunch of lesbian mothers.”

  • Washington Blade: Prominent Gay Republicans urge RNC to stop funding Trump. The Blade reports on how three openly LGBTQ Republicans are among the 123 Republicans who urged Reince Priebus to stop supporting Trump.

MONTEL WILLIAMS, HE’S WITH HER: In a USA Today op-ed, longtime Republican Montel Williams comes out strong for Hillary Clinton, commending her on her support for LGBTQ equality. Williams writes, “I’m also guided by Hillary’s support for LGBT equality, including in all forms of public accommodation. As a black American who grew up under Jim Crow, I am dedicated to ensure that the law never again permits discrimination.”

APPLE, COMCAST, GOOGLE AND MICROSOFT AMONG MAJOR TECH COMPANIES BLASTING ANTI-LGBTQ PROVISION ON THE HILL: In a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, a coalition of major tech companies are calling for the removal of a discriminatory anti-LGBTQ provision embedded in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Collectively known as TechNet -- and including Apple, Comcast, Microsoft and Google -- the companies write that the amendment, “plac[es] prejudice and fear above inclusion and diversity which is bad for our employees and bad for business.” Read more about the provision that would allow sweeping taxpayer-funded discrimination here.

THE KIM DAVIS EFFECT: After hearing arguments yesterday, the Wyoming Supreme Court is poised to rule in an ethics case involving a judge who refuses to preside over same-sex marriages, citing her religious beliefs. The Wyoming Commission of Judicial Conduct and Ethics has recommended that Judge Ruth Neely be removed for violating the state code of judicial conduct. More from The Associated Press.

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MOMENT OF “AWWWWWW”: More than 375 self-described “open minded Christian moms of LGBTQ kids” sent an open letter to HRC’s Sarah McBride thanking her for her visibility and advocacy as a transgender woman -- most recently becoming the first openly-trans person to address a major party convention. “We are very encouraged by all you are doing and accomplishing; and want you to know we are praying God will protect, strengthen, guide and bless you,” they wrote. “We believe people like you reflect the true spirit of America.”

LGBTQ-INCLUSIVE PROGRAMS COMING TO TEL AVIV SCHOOLS: Tel Aviv is set to make history by including LGBTQ trainings for educators and guidance counselors during the upcoming school year. The trainings are being hosted by a local LGBTQ educational organization and will include lectures and workshops on gender issues and LGBTQ families. More from Haaretz.

  • A thriving LGBTQ sports community has also emerged in Tel Aviv. Most recently they’ve sent athletes to the Gay Games and the IGLA World Championships.

#TBT: WHEN LGBTQ RIGHTS WERE IN THE SPOTLIGHT AT SOCHI OLYMPICS: Just over two years ago, Sochi, Russia, hosted the Winter Olympics on the heels of the country’s imposition of harsh anti-LGBTQ laws -- including banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” and prohibiting same-sex couples from adopting. At that time, HRC condemned Russia’s anti-LGBTQ legislation, highlighting its dangerous effects, including putting LGBTQ Russians, Olympians, and travelers in danger. As the world turned to the Sochi Olympics, LGBTQ organizations led an international conversation around LGBTQ rights in Russia.

  • Meanwhile LGBTQ affirmation continues in Rio: At this year’s Olympics, Italian swimmer Rachele Bruni is being hailed as the first Italian athlete to publicly come out. She dedicated her medal to her family, coach and girlfriend.

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MAGIC EQUALITY BUS: A new bus tour highlights Anchorage, Alaska’s perhaps surprisingly rich LGBTQ history. The tour, which continues through the summer, focuses on the role local establishments played in LGBTQ history in 1970s and 80s. More from Alaska Public Radio.


The Harvard Business Review explains how LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination laws make the U.S. more innovative…The Gay Star News highlights the @LGBT_History Instagram account -- check it out!... The Advocate breaks down why LGBTQ pride celebrations in oppressive countries remain an act of rebellion…and Vice writes about how Donald Trump’s anti-equality agenda can galvanize the LGBTQ community on November 8.

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