#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: July 26, 2016 – Love and Pride

#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: July 26, 2016

DNC CONVENTION KICKS OFF WITH HISTORIC NUMBER OF OPENLY-LGBTQ DELEGATES: A host of pro-equality speakers kicked off the first night of the DNC convention Monday, including Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Merkley, Cory Booker, and First Lady Michelle Obama. Surrogates for both Senator Sanders and Hillary Clinton stressed the need to pass the federal Equality Act so that LGBTQ people across the nation can finally live free from fear of discrimination. One reason for the strong pro-equality message? The convention hosts a record number of LGBTQ delegates. NBC Out reports, “LGBT delegates make up 11.5 percent of all delegates at the DNC this year, and this record number is not a coincidence - it's by design.” More here.

  • Opening night featured speakers with powerful pro-LGBTQ equality messages, from former NBA star Jason Collins, who talked about coming out to the Clintons before he came out on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and Senator Elizabeth Warren who rejected the Trump-Pence  vision for America that pits “whites against blacks and Latinos. Christians against Muslims and Jews. Straight against gay.” Openly-LGBTQ Nevada Senator Pat Spearman called on voters to shut down the anti-LGBTQ Trump/Pence ticket, as did CT Gov. Dan Malloy.
  • On today’s schedule, watch for pro-equality speakers including House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards and President Bill Clinton.
  • Test your knowledge of the major party positions on LGBTQ issues by checking out these 10 quotes from the Republican and Democratic platforms. Read more about the Democratic Party’s historically inclusive platform here.
  • The Advocate endorses Hillary Clinton; read more here.
  • Wall of Love: Check out how equality advocates responded to anti-LGBTQ protests at the DNC.
  • Trans advocate Marisa Richmond of Nashville makes history as the official podium timekeeper at the DNC. More from The Associated Press.

HRC’S SARAH MCBRIDE MAKES HISTORY: When she takes the stage this Thursday, HRC National Press Secretary Sarah McBride will be making history as the first openly transgender person to speak at a major party’s convention. Leading up to her historic speech, Sarah is sharing her story. The Washington Post has named her a break out political star at this year’s convention -- and check out these profiles in TIME and The Delaware News Journal. HRC President Chad Griffin, who was named a vice-chair of this year’s convention, will also be addressing the DNC on Thursday.

DESPICABLE: AT TRUMP RALLY, NC GOV. MCCRORY MOCKS TRANSGENDER RIGHTS: At a rally last night for Donald Trump, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory continued his disgraceful assault on the transgender community, making a “joke” about using bathrooms. McCrory this year signed North Carolina’s horrific HB2 law, which bars transgender people from using restrooms and other facilities in government owned buildings consistent with their gender identity. More here. HRC President Chad Griffin called out the shameful comments on Twitter.

  • The DNC has embraced equal access to restrooms and ensured on-site all gender facilities at their convention. More from Politico.
  • The legal challenge to HB2 officially heads to court on November 14 when arguments begin on the motion to stop the state from enforcing the provision barring transgender people’s access to bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. More from The Courier Tribune.

TRUE LIFE: WE ARE ORLANDO: MTV’s groundbreaking docu-series “True Life” has announced that its August 15 episode will focus on the road to recovery for survivors of the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub last month. The special will feature the experiences of Tony Marrero, Joshua McGill, Patience Carter and Tiara Parker. More from Entertainment Weekly.

ADVOCATES MOURN THE LOSS OF DEE WHIGHAM: Dee Whigham, a 25-year-old transgender woman of color, was killed on July 23 in St. Martin, Mississippi. Dee was a registered nurse at a hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and was visiting St. Martin to attend the Gulf Coast Black Rodeo with friends and co-workers, according to the Sun Herald. Police are seeking a person of interest and are not ruling out designating her murder a hate crime. Across the U.S., at least 14 transgender people have been murdered since the beginning of 2016. More from HRC.

GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCES MAKE SCHOOLS SAFER: Findings from a Vanderbilt University study show that students who attend schools with gay-straight alliances (GSAs) are less likely to be the victim of bullying or harassment. The presence of a GSA decreases bullying across the board, regardless of whether the students are LGBTQ or not, the study found. More from Vanderbilt University.

AMERICAN PASTOR KICKED OUT OF RUSSIA: Earlier this month, American pastor Jim Mulcahy was arrested and expelled from Russia following speculation that he planned to perform a same-sex wedding. Now living in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, Mulcahy shared his story with The Associated Press.


NBC Out interviews three gender-nonconforming people about their gender expression in the workplace; Independent.ie profiles the Dublin filmmaker behind the child-friendly LGBTQ film Little Doll; LGBTQ Nation highlights a children’s clothing company that is breaking gender stereotypes; The Guardian outlines how anti-LGBTQ activists realize their rhetoric isn’t winning; and Slate outlines the path to 2016’s incredibly LGBTQ-friendly democratic platform.

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