#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: June 29, 2016

HRC staff

STOP THE HATE: 49 CELEBRITIES HONOR THE 49 VICTIMS OF ORLANDO TRAGEDY: Today, HRC released a special tribute to the 49 victims of the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub on Latin night. The 18-minute tribute -- directed by Emmy Award-winning Ryan Murphy and Ned Martel, with the support of their colleagues at Ryan Murphy Television -- features a diverse cast of 49 actors, directors and other entertainment leaders recounting individual stories of the people killed in our nation’s deadliest mass shooting. Viewers are asked to visit http://stopthehate.hrc.org/ and take action by supporting victims’ families and survivors through healorlando.org, as well as contacting legislators to demand passage of LGBTQ protections and common-sense gun violence prevention measures. Watch the full video here.

NC LAWMAKERS DOUBLE DOWN ON DISCRIMINATION WITH “HB 2.0”: Yesterday, HRC blasted the North Carolina House of Representatives for proposing legislation that doubles down on the state’s anti-LGBTQ law, HB2. The “new” proposal would continue some of the most vile aspects of HB2, including the provision that has made it illegal for transgender people to access certain restrooms and other facilities, as well as a section that blocks localities from passing non-discrimination protections for their own residents and visitors. HRC President Chad Griffin excoriated the lawmakers saying, “This despicable bill would continue insidious policies targeting LGBTQ people for discrimination and do nothing to fix the mess HB2 created.” More from WBTV.

  • US Episcopal Church leadership calls for HB2 repeal citing the Bible verse “love thy neighbor as thyself.” More from Christian Today.
  • Charlotte Magazine reacts to the “odious” HB 2.0...with a big, mocking “Oh, puh-leeze.”
  • HB2 is just one of the many ways state Republicans are failing the North Carolina. Get the full list from Professor Gene Nichol in The Charlotte Observer.

TIME RUNNING OUT IN THE TAR HEEL STATE: With only a handful of days left in the North Carolina General Assembly’s short session, members should be working to repeal HB2, not doubling down on discrimination. As a reminder, since the bill was passed in March:

  • More than 35 performers have spoken out against HB2 or cancelled shows in North Carolina;
  • More than 200 major CEOs and business leaders have urged the governor and legislative leadership to repeal HB2;
  • Major film studios and corporations, from PayPal to Deutsche Bank, stopped investing in the state because of the new law’s threat to employees and consumers;
  • Conventions are moving out of the state, taking substantial revenue with them;
  • HB2 has cost the Mecklenburg area alone $285 million and 1,300 jobs, according to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, and
  • A recent survey by Public Policy Polling found more than half of voters in the state believe that HB2 is hurting North Carolina, compared to only 28 percent who think it’s helping.

ARKANSAS CITY REPEALS LGBTQ-INCLUSIVE NDO: After months of scare tactics from a group that has attacked similar LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances across Arkansas, citizens of Texarkana, AR, repealed their city’s NDO. The ordinance was passed to attract more business investment, but was instead distorted by individuals using anti-transgender rhetoric.

  • Meanwhile, the city of Portage, Michigan passed an NDO by a vote of 6-1. The ordinance protects LGBTQ individuals from discrimination in housing, employment and places of public accommodation.

MAKING HISTORY -- TWO TRANSGENDER CANDIDATES WIN MAJOR PARTY PRIMARIES: For the first time in American political history, two transgender women will be vying for seats in the U.S. Congress come November. Democrat primary voters selected Misty K. Snow and Misty Plowright to take on Republican incumbents in Utah and Colorado, respectively. This is truly significant and highlights the importance of increased representation in national offices, as the fight for full the LGBTQ equality continues. More from Politico.

TRANS PEOPLE IN PAKISTAN GAIN SOME MARRIAGE RIGHTS: Reuters reports that a group of 50 religious leaders in Pakistan have extended marriage rights to some transgender people living in the country. The religious edict allows transgender people who have unspecified gendered “indications” to marry cisgender or transgender people of a different gender. Despite some recent legal progress on gender recognition and property rights, transgender people in Pakistan continue to face significant discrimination and violence due to their gender identity.

TANZANIA DOUBLES DOWN ON DISCRIMINATION: Despite the growing push toward equality worldwide, a Tanzanian official says the country will “never” lift ban on same-sex marriage. More from International Business Times.

CZECH YOURSELF: The Czech Republic's highest court has ruled that single gay people can now adopt children, but upheld the country's ban on adoption by same-sex couples. Marriage equality is still illegal in the European country. More from AFP.


The Washington Post meets the prominent LGBTQ Indians battling to end criminalization of same-sex relationships in India; Reuters details claims by LGBTQ Filipinos of violence and extortion at the hands of police; The New York Times recounts the humiliating history of “gender testing” professional athletes; ESPN interviews Chris Mosier, the first trans athlete to pose for the magazine's annual Body Issue; Mashable interviews nine LGBTQ influencers about the first time they heard the word “gay”; Forbes highlights how marriage equality has simplified finances for couples around the country; and JustJared shares the story of singer Ryan Beatty who’s recently come out as LGBTQ.

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