Argentinian athlete Domingo Miotti bares all in eye-popping Snapchats

Derek de Koff


There is much hubbub on the Internet today.

Everyone’s getting shrieky and hysterical over a new series of explicit Snapchats, said to belong to a certain Argentinian athlete named Domingo Miotti, he of the muscly physique and cheekbones you could slice provolone on.

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The 20-year-old Miotti, currently playing for the World Rugby U20 Championship, is poised to enter the National team any second now.

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The 6’2″ has reportedly sent a bunch of hyper-explicit video captures on Snapchat, and, provided you aren’t in the room with your nosy mother or micromanaging boss, you can check them out HERE.

Way to put the “hubba-hubba” in hubbub, Miotti.

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