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Bachelor On ‘Finding Prince Charming’ Shamed By Other Contestants For Flamboyance


Logo‘s “Finding Prince Charming” hasn’t even premiered yet and already it’s stirring up a lot of controversy. The latest development suggests that there may be some bachelors on the show struggling with internalized homophobia.

In the first episode, set to air tonight, the most effeminate of the contestants, 26-year-old beauty expert Robby, is mocked and ridiculed for his flamboyance, The Wrap reports.

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The hostility appears as soon as the men enter the house they all share while bidding for the affections of bachelor Robert Sepulvada, Jr.:

“Let’s get this party started, bitches!” Robby shouts at his competitors. The camera pans to 31-year-old Sam, who looks disgusted at the shrieks and one-liners Robby brings to the group — to say nothing of the physical affection. Other contestants referred to his ‘energy’ and ‘larger-than-life’ personality.

‘I’ve never met anyone like Robby before, except for maybe in the theater,’ Sam says in a confessional segment. He seems mortified by Robby’s behavior, and incredulous that no one else openly shares his discomfort.

Sam then asks him if he always acts that way, before telling him to tone it down by saying, “Fix your dress!”

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“I would never do anything that perpetuated stereotypes that I thought were destructive,” show creator Brian Graden told The Wrap. “What happened was the honest reaction and we thought it was important to explore.”

Watch the preview for tonight’s premiere episode below…

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