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“Finding Prince Charming” Sketch Makes Us Glad Something Good Came Out Of This Show


They’re back, and so soon. Just last week, we told you about “Totally Yourself on Prince Charming,” a pitch-perfect skewering of the overall cringeworthiness of Logo’s answer to “The Bachelor.”

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Apparently, that was just the beginning. The second episode once again stars Go-Go Boy Interrupted‘s Jimmy Fowlie and comedian Tom Lenk as two prospective suitors who touch upon dead mothers, diarrhea in the pool, and things that make you go “nooooo.”

But what social toll might an unauthorized reality show edit job cost these days, you surely ask?

Jimmy shared this screenshot from his phone with us after the sketch went live:


When pressed for comment, he stared wistfully into the morning light and pondered, “How am I supposed to find Prince Charming if I can’t tweet at him?”

If we ever manage to answer that riddle, you’ll be the first to know, Jimmy. You’ll be the first to know.

Let the awkwardness commence:


Derek de Koff

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