Guys Turn To Whisper To Vent Their Feelings About Orlando


There’s no right or wrong way to process the events of last weekend. All we hope is that everyone has found at least one person — a friend, a family member, a nice-looking person in a bar — to talk to about what’s happened and let out the feelings that have no doubt welled up.

Below, we hear from guys who’ve turned to Whisper to express how the tragic blow to the community has affected them.

Whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone:

After seeing the terrorist attack against the LGBT club in Orlando, I feel afraid to be gay for the first time.

It sucks being secretly gay and not able to talk to anyone about how scared you are because of what happened in Orlando.

As a gay man with African American children, the USA has become a scary place to live.

I was going to go to pride but I was too terrified. We shouldn


I hate Islamophobia as much as I hate homophobia. I





Gay and proud i can

I am gay and I am proud. I will love whoever I wish to love. The attack will not stop me from being myself. We are not afraid and we will overcome.

Homophobic people have never asked themselves what it feels like to be born with something you cannot change and be hated because you seek love.


I want to come out but the the shootings and homophobic hate just push my back into that closet and lock me in. I feel trapped.

I wish I could say I feel strong, but I am secretly afraid to go to nightclubs now. As a recently out gay guy, I hate feeling this nervous all over again.



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