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HRC Alabama Co-Hosts Voter Registration Trainings

Post submitted by Tori Wolfe-Sisson, HRC Alabama Field Organizer

With four months until the general election, HRC Alabama is co-hosting pre-election mini trainings to educate voters before they head to the polls. Ahead of National Voter Registration Day on September 27, HRC is partnering with National Voter Registration Day, AIDS Alabama, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU of Alabama to train volunteers to help register voters in Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile in August.

Our organizations are filled with members from all walks of life, many of who would not have been able to vote in Alabama 50 years ago. We recognize that barriers to the polls still exist and it is our responsibility to ensure that all people who desire the opportunity to vote can easily make their voices heard.

As we have learned time and time again, every vote counts. For example, disgraced Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice RoyMoore, who urged state probate court judges to not follow federal courts’ rulings on marriage equality, was elected to office twice. It is our vote that can truly make all the difference.

Dates and locations for the voter registration mini trainings are:

August 6- Montgomery

August 13- Birmingham

August 20- Huntsville and Mobile

To learn more information about how you can attend a mini-training please contact Tori at

HRC staff

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