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Internet Responds In All Sorts Of Ways To Married Conservative Mike Yenni’s Boy Trouble


Tongues have been waging ever since Republican politician Mike Yenni from Louisiana was outed for allegedly sexting with a 17-year-old Catholic school boy, gifting the teen designer underwear and kissing him in a mall bathroom before discarding him like, well, just another summer fling.

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Since the story went viral on Friday, Yenni has gone into hiding. He hasn’t been into the office, nor has he answered any phone calls or emails. And his social media pages, both professional and personal, have not been updated either.

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But just because Yenni’s been keeping a low profile doesn’t mean the rest of the world has. Both Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with talk of the 40-year-old married father of one’s extracurricular activities. And the responses have been quite mixed.

Let’s take a look at what folks have been saying…

Some people have offered words of support to the politician…

Others were much more critical of him…

Then there were those who weren’t quite sure how they felt about the whole thing…


Some didn’t have much sympathy for the teen who outed Yenni…

But our favorite responses came from those who found themselves deeply attracted to Yenni and took to Twitter to hit on him…

Graham Gremore

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