James Franco Suspects Keegan Allen Stuffed His Speedo For “King Cobra” – Love and Pride

James Franco Suspects Keegan Allen Stuffed His Speedo For “King Cobra”


James Franco stopped by The Today Show on Friday, apparently just to accuse co-star Keegan Allen of packing several tube socks into his Speedo for some of his more revealing King Cobra scenes.

Obviously, since Franco and Allen co-star as two unhinged gay adult film producers, both roles call for very little in the way of clothing.

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“I’m going to bust him a little bit,” Franco said.  “Keegan stuffed his speedo.”

If he’s to be believed, Franco made the discovery as he was searching for a sock to put over his penis right before a sex scene:

I asked for my sock and they’re like, ‘No, Keegan took all of them, not just one’.

“Look at the movie, he’s got the biggest bulge and I know for a fact he stuffed it.”

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Franco unsurprisingly emphasizes that he was more than happy to film the sex scenes:

Shop, gym, tan – that’s all our characters do, a lot of our scenes were lifting weights, tanning and we’re in these like skimpy speedos. I had no problem with it. I had no problem with the love scenes, either.”

Did any of you check out the film this weekend? If so, what did you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Derek de Koff

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