James Hill Of UK “Apprentice” Reveals Affinity For Tiny Briefs In 2017 – Love and Pride

James Hill Of UK “Apprentice” Reveals Affinity For Tiny Briefs In 2017 Calendar


Autumnal sunsets. Cats batting around yarn and alternately sleeping in wicker baskets. Crescent moons. Fields of barley.

Calendars come in so many themes that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one best suits your personality, such as it is.

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But that’s when James Hill of the UK Apprentice enters the fray, gamely slipping into a red swim brief and shooting a calendar of his very own.

The cats bow down, knowing they’ve been bested. The autumnal sunsets turn into blackest night. Fields of barley shrug; they were never really trying in the first place.

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That clinches it. The 2017 James Hill calendar will be yours. So what if you have absolutely no idea who he is? Life is short. #winning




Derek de Koff

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