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Kat Von D Publicly Disowns Jeffree Star On Instagram, Fight Moves To Twitter


Jeffree Star was getting MySpace famous before Facebook was even a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye, and he hasn’t slowed down since then. But while the musician/makeup purveyor/provocateur is no stranger to milling up controversy, this time he’s being dragged through the mud by another personality.

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, best known as one of the artists on TLC’s reality show LA Ink, has very publicly distanced herself from her former “best friend.”

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“After years of making excuses for, and rationalizing Jeffree’s inappropriate behavior (including, promoting drug use, racism, and bullying) I can no longer hold my tongue after recent events,” Von D wrote in a scathing Instagram share of a photo of Star’s face with a thick red line across it.

“I know that over the years, many of you were introduced to Jeffree through me, and regardless if you chose to continue to follow him or not, I just would like to disassociate myself from him and his brand from this point on. I plan on posting a video explanation as to why I felt compelled to make such a statement. But for the time being, I simply want to apologize to anybody and everybody who has ever had to deal with any of his negativity. And yes, with a heavy heart, I will be pulling the shade “Jeffree” from my collection. Sending extra love to everyone out there.”

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Here’s how it looked on Instagram:

Instagram Photo

If you’re familiar with the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, you’ll no doubt understand that if you give Jeffree a spark, he’ll find some dry twigs and get the fire going.

He was quick to fire back on Twitter:

Funny, we always just assumed going on a lengthy Twitter rebuttal constituted “clapping back,” but we are admittedly less experienced in the world of social media feuding.

Here’s a clip of the two from more amicable times, when star visited Kat to get a “diva foot tattoo.”

“Diva foot tattoos” — now there’s something we can all agree on.

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