Kate McKinnon Reveals Which Alien-Investigating Celeb Made Her Realize She’s Gay

matt baume

kate mckinnon

Here we have the fabulous Kate McKinnon, whom all sensible people adore, doing an outstanding interview with Julie Goldman. They discuss a number of amazing topics, but our favorite is the revelation that Gillian Anderson was the source of her lesbian awakening — and that her mother was completely understanding.

“I figured it out by watching the X-Files and noticing my physiological reaction to it,” Kate says. “I thought it was a product of David Duchovny’s face but it was Gillian Anderson who still is the queen of my heart. So I knew then. I told some of my friends, eventually I found my mother. She found me crying and said ‘what’s wrong?’ And I said ‘I think I’m gay’ … and she said ‘fine. Love it. Whatever you want to be.'”

She also addresses any doubts about whether or not she’s queer: “I think that it’s so apparent that I am [a lesbian] but apparently not. I dunno. I think that I comport myself in a kind of lezzo way. … I am a hundred percent lez. Have not seen a human penis.”

And then there is the detail of her first makeout with another lady, which sounds as fumbling and adorable as any we can think of: “We went up to a room. We made out for 8 hours. And I wore my retainer the entire time. Did not occur to me to take it out.” The woman in question, Kate reports, is no longer interested in making out with girls … possibly because of that retainer experience.


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