Lance Bass To Host Gay “Bachelor”; What Could Go Wrong?

john russell


This is the true story of 13 thirsty dudes picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when gay guys stop being polite and start…trying to find love!

Logo announced its first-ever gay dating show. Former boybander and happily married homo Lance Bass will host the Bachelor-inspired Finding Prince Charming. The show will throw a baker’s dozen of guys into an L.A. brothel house where they will compete for the affections of one eligible bachelor — and, let’s face it, probably each other as well — in what could possibly represent the apex of reality TV drama. Be still, our cruel, voyeuristic little hearts!

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine why we haven’t seen such a perfect storm of sex, conflict, and straight up gay bitchery on TV before. As Vulture points out, Bravo tried its hand at a gay dating show way back in the pre-Housewife days. 2003’s short-lived Boy Meets Boy was handicapped by a particularly cruel and borderline homophobic twist: half of the contestants were actually gay-baiting straight guys. But Logo’s formula has its own twist built right in. Like the ladies on The Bachelor, the boys on Prince Charming will hopefully get pretty devious when it come to competing with each other. But it’s also highly likely that they’ll also form some alliances — and I don’t mean the Survivor kind.

The show is set to premiere this fall, though there’s no news on who the charming prince at the center of the throwdown will be. But if Lifetime’s surprise hit UnReal has taught us anything, it’s that whatever casting shenanigans are going on at this very moment could be just as entertaining as the drama on the show itself.

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