PHOTO: Henry Cavill Teases New Superman Suit With Mystery Body Part – Love and Pride

PHOTO: Henry Cavill Teases New Superman Suit With Mystery Body Part

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By all estimations, the placement of the “S” would indicate we’re looking at the broad chest piece of Henry Cavill in his new, super-hush-hush but also super-on-Instagram Superman super suit. Super!

But hey, plot twists are hardly unheard of in Hollywood. Perhaps the below share from the super star of 2017’s Justice League depicts a particularly embellished derrière, a brawny shoulder or a jacked up calf.

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OK, it’s probably most likely definitely his chest, but mystery is more fun.

The dark theme of the costume piece seems to be every indication that director Zach Snyder will continue his dark take on the super hero universe with Justice League, in particular the 1990s comic book saga Death and Return of Superman.

Instagram Photo

And judging by Henry’s other Insta-shares, there will also be cake. Who doesn’t love cake?

Instagram Photo

And, alright, we have no clue what’s happening here but we’re into it.

Instagram Photo

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