PHOTOS: From Heatherette To Honolulu, Travor Rains Keeps The Party Goi – Love and Pride

PHOTOS: From Heatherette To Honolulu, Travor Rains Keeps The Party Going



Travor Rains (top, left) famously co-founded the fashion studio Heatherette in 1999, dressing the likes of Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani and Mariah Carey. How deliciously aughts.

But Trevor is always busy on that next thing.

Nowadays you’re likely to find him at the gay nightclub he co-owns in Honolulu’s China Town — Scarlet. Yep, same Scarlet as Chicago’s Boystown.

If you’ve ever explored the scene in Honolulu, you know it leaves a little something to be desired. Hulas is great for the apres beach cocktail, and Fusion satisfies those after hours urges, and there are some fabulous smaller bars like Wang Chung’s.

But in terms of a vibrant, big-name drag party atmosphere, there wasn’t much to write home about until now.

With Scarlet, locals and visitors alike have a place to party the night away in style. The bar boasts a large dance floor along with regular drag visitors — from this season’s Drag Race contestant Kim Chi to former competitors Trixie Mattel and Jujubee to name a few.

Check out some photos below, and be sure to stop in on your next Hawaiian getaway:










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