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PHOTOS: Sexy New Photo Series Celebrates The Masculinity Of Asian Men

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“I’m not into Asian men.”

It’s a line we’ve heard countless times, and it’s disturbing how many people never think twice before offhandedly making the statement.

Here in the states, Asian men get the fuzzy end of the lollipop — certainly in the gay community, but also in society as a whole.

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As author Hoang Tan Nguyen astutely told Queerty, “The view of Asian men, gay and straight, as effeminate, lacking in the proper quotient of masculinity, and therefore, sexual undesirability, can be attributed to a Western colonial mindset that deems ‘the Orient’ as a mysterious, feminine space to be seduced, conquered, and penetrated.”

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A new photo series by Taiwanese artist Teddy Tzeng aims to such these stereotypes, celebrating an endless arsenal of hot Asian men in all their glory.

As Gay Star News notes, it’s easy to see why they’ve quickly gone viral: 












Derek de Koff

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