PHOTOS: The Sexiest Hairy Backs Fluffing Up Instagram

Few things elicit a stronger response in people than male back hair. Some find it sexy. Others find it repulsive. But pretty much everyone has an opinion on the matter.

We happen love it. There’s something super sexy about a guy who lets it all grow out.

Scroll down to see photos of guys showing off their very hairy backs on Instagram. And sound off in the comments section below: How furry do you like your fella?


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A photo posted by @Biversbear (@biversbear) on

Repost @mybigfunnypeter ??? My comedy will CRACK you up!! #hairybutt #hairyback #buttcrack #musclebear #bear #beard

A photo posted by DILF Society ™ (@dilf_society) on

New videos released #gaybear videos for you

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Week 8 10 Togo #hairyback #beastmode #bear

A photo posted by ? bears/gettinsomemuscle (@endomorphius) on

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