PHOTOS: These Everyday Guys Captured In Provocative Photo Series Will – Love and Pride

PHOTOS: These Everyday Guys Captured In Provocative Photo Series Will Leave You Breathless


“The naked male body is beautiful and I need to see as many as I can before I die,” Seattle-based photographer Kevin Kurbs jokes with Queerty. “Seriously, though, porn is rampant and you can see naked men everywhere. I want to capture men in their simplest and most basic forms.”

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Kurbs shoots most of his male nudes in black and white, and the majority of his models are just regular guys off the street. Some are younger. Some are older. Some have six packs. Others don’t.

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“Our gay community is so locked into the perfect man,” Kurbs continues, “but we are all perfect in our own way. My greatest satisfaction comes from the average guy who is blown away when I capture a part of him that he has never seen.”

Scroll down for a sampling of Kurbs’ work, and see more on his website and Flickr page








Published for one-time use only with permission from Kevin Kurbs. Photographs may not be saved, copied or republished on any other website.

Graham Gremore

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