Secrets Of Online Relationships Revealed – Love and Pride

Secrets Of Online Relationships Revealed


You may have thought online relationships were the exclusive territory of lustful teenagers clawing at adulthood, but plenty of folks get swept away by a virtual Romeo and find themselves in a precarious situation.

Is it best to keep the fling relegated to the interwebs and live out the romance novel in your head, or follow through and take things offline?

Can online ever be enough?

Below, guys vent their frustrations via Whisper:

I wish I could tell everyone about my online gay relationship and not be hated on or judged. We

No one knows I

How is it possible that I

I love my online boyfriend so much but no one even knows we


I promised I wouldn


Being in a (happy) long distance relationship with a guy from the Internet is not something I want to explain to my homophobic family

I used to think I was meant to be alone forever, until I started a relationship with another gay guy I met online. He completes me


The gay scene in my city is not for me so I turned to online dating. I met a great guy and I

I am too scared of getting into another relationship where I have to see someone everyday. I started talking to a new guy I met on the Internet and I

I used to think it was embarrassing to say "we met online" but I met my boyfriend that way and I don

Being in an online relationship is hard. I

Dan Tracer

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