Seminary Rocked By Gay Scandal Involving Seven Student Priests, Two Staffers, TONS Of Sex

Graham Gremore



An enormous gay scandal is currently taking place at Ireland’s national seminary, St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, leaving the community in a tizzy and forcing the college’s president into an unplanned sabbatical.

According to a statement published on the college’s website, Monsignor Hugh Connolly “has advised the staff of his plans to take sabbatical leave for the academic year 2016-2017.” 2017 was already scheduled to be Connolly’s last term in office, raising suspicions over the timing of his alleged year-long vacation.

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The announcement of Connolly’s sudden departure comes amidst rumors of an underground gay subculture happening in the seminary. According to The Irish Catholic, an anonymous source told the paper that “seven seminarians and two staff members” have been “involved in inappropriate behavior of a homosexual nature.”


Bishop Pat Buckley, an openly gay “rebel cleric” who was excommunicated from the church 18 years ago, told the press that the timing of Connolly’s firing, er, sabbatical is not a coincidence.

“This sabbatical comes as the Maynooth gay scandal rages,” he said. “Why not finish the last year of his term and then take the sabbatical at the natural juncture of leaving the presidency and going back to teach?”

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Buckley also claims the current gay scandal is nothing new. In a recent blog post, he wrote that the national seminary “has been in deep trouble for decades–mainly due to the homosexual subculture that exists in both places.”

Buckley has also been an outspoke voice against the hypocrisy of the church’s public teachings on homosexuality, considering what many of its clerics do behind closed chapel doors.

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