Should “Finding Prince Charming” Acknowledge Robert Sepúlveda Jr.’s Escorting Past?

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As we reported yesterday, the star of LOGO’s Finding Prince Charming, essentially a gay version of The Bachelor, came clean about his escorting past in an interview with Huffington Post‘s Noah Michelson early this week.

Though not particularly pleased to be confronted with the question, Robert Sepúlveda Jr briskly acknowledged his previous dalliances with sex work, saying, “The past is the past. I was young and it helped through college.”

An op-ed piece by E. Alex Jung published yesterday by Vulture argues that the show shouldn’t sweep his hustling days under the rug, but should incorporate them into the narrative of the show.

“Finding Prince Charming wants to have it both ways,” he writes.

They wanted a bachelor who looked like a porn star to activate the trashy, libidinal desires of gay men, but they didn’t want him to talk about it once they realize he might actually have been one. It’s the Madonna/whore complex, but for gay men. Indeed, what may make Finding Prince Charming interesting isn’t Sepúlveda himself, but rather the era the show represents: when marriage is not just a possibility for queer people, but an obligation.”

Meanwhile, commentators on our original story went ballistic in regards to Sepúlveda, claiming he’s a disgrace to the community. And though we find such accusations ridiculous, close-minded, and borderline evil, Sepúlveda certainly didn’t do himself any favors during his interview with Vulture, saying, “What I want the show to do is unify the community. That’s what we should we doing.”

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Riiiiight. Because anonymous comments such as these paint “the gay community” in a very favorable light.

Anyway. Our question is this: Should LOGO incorporate Sepúlveda’s escorting days into the show, or should they continue to sweep them under the rug?

Weigh in in the comments section below. Delicately.



Derek de Koff

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