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WATCH: Alec Baldwin promises SNL is gonna be ‘yuge this week

Baldwin returns to host the show for his 17th time.
Dan Tracer
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7 Silver Linings In The Dark Cloud Of President Elect Donald J. Trump

Life feels pretty bleak right now. But despite the unreality of the election results, there are bits of good news. A little silver lining comes in handy at a time like this. Here are seven potential upsides: A bunch of wingnuts lost A handful of really awful candidates lost their elections. Gay sheriff Paul Babeu–the one who [...]
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7 Gay Moments On “30 Rock” That Made Us Say “Blerg”

Happy tenniversary, 30 Rock. Hard to believe but the show debuted a decade ago, yikes, and now’s a nice time to peek back into its tawdry gay past. Here are a few of our very favorite very gay moments from the show that redefined blerg. 1. Gay Sports Center We maybe need to have a little conversation [...]
matt baume
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Alec Baldwin And Gay Couple Have Way Too Much Fun In The Back Of A Limo

Warning: The clip you’re about to see contains footage of Alec Baldwin talking about not getting personal lubricant on the sheets during sex. Related: Alec Baldwin Declares War on “Uptight Queen” Barista at NYC Starbucks In the latest awkward episode of web series Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride, the actor sits nestled in the back of a limousine [...]
Derek de Koff
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