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Did you notice the hidden message in Gaga’s SuperBowl halftime show?

Besides "I am the goddess of Satan," which was pretty overt.
Derek de Koff
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Now Trump Fans Are Attacking Anderson Cooper As Biased Because–Well, You Know

Anderson Cooper is one of the journalists moderating the presidential candidate Town Hall on Sunday. In anticipation of yet another cruddy performance by Donald Trump (he’s making a mockery of debate prep again), his supporters have decided to go after Cooper with a combination of gay-baiting and loony conspiracy theories. Of course, Prince Tiny Hands himself [...]
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“Gay Frogs” And Other Utterly Absurd Moments From Alex Jones’ Demented Supercut

Chemicals in the water, turning frogs gay. Scum, filth, and globalists. Lying, demonic “corporate witch” Hillary Clinton. All the bases are covered in this ghoulish supercut of Alex Jones’s most rabid soundbites. Barely comprehensible, always irritating, and alarmingly unfunny, it’s everything you need to know about the blowhard radio host in one minute and thirty-three [...]
Derek de Koff
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