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Anna Nicole Smith Comes Back From The Dead On ‘Hollywood Medium’

Openly gay TV-psychic Tyler Henry just won’t stop BSing his way through Hollywood, with his latest target the family of Anna Nicole Smith. On a recent episode of Hollywood Medium, Henry claims to be capable of connecting with the spirit of Smith, regurgitating meaningless trivia to her former romantic partner Larry Birkhead. Obviously none of this is real and psychics [...]
matt baume
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Margaret Cho On The Otherworldly Experience Of Partying At Anna Nicole Smith’s House

There are some common sense expectations one might prepare for after accepting an invitation to party at the late, great Anna Nicole Smith’s house — near-incoherent conversation, a who’s who of B-list recognizable faces and Howard K. Stern to name a few. All of these came to fruition, as Margaret Cho explains in the below [...]
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