The Day After The Day After: 15 Funny Election Hangover Memes

Still feeling hungover from the election results? You’re not alone. Many of us have been walking around in a complete daze for the past two days, dreading the day when we have to utter the words “President Trump.”

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To help expedite our accepting of the inevitable, dire as it may be, we’ve once again scoured Instagram for funny memes that somehow manage to find humor in all this. Because sometimes you really do have to laugh through your tears.

Scroll down for 15 memes made in response to Wednesday morning’s election hangover…

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#humor #funnyshit #lol #donaldtrump #whitepeoplecantdothemexicanjob

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Oh dear lol ? #lol #usa #america #donaldtrump #trump #fun #oops #haha #fuckedUp #ohShit

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THINK LONG AND HARD #America #canada #donaldtrump #hillaryclinton

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Graham Gremore

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